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How Cannabis Helped Army Veteran 

Many Veterans struggle to go from military service to civilian life once they retire. We take pride in knowing our CBD has helped so many Veterans across the country. In fact, VET CBD USA’s mission is to help as many Veterans one drop at a time. This week we had the honor of interviewing Dan Serna, Tattoo Artist for Operation Tattooing Freedom on how cannabis helped him. He also served in the Army for 6 years.

How long have you been with OTF? Why did you join the OTF team, and why do you love being a part of the organization?

I’ve been with Operation Tattooing Freedom for about 3 years now! I wanted to give back to my brothers and sisters, and being part of the OTF team reminds me of my time in service. Working with other vets is pretty awesome! 

What is something you struggled with during your transition into civilian life?

I struggled with being fully self-motivated. It was difficult to go from having everything scheduled to having to do that myself. 

When did you start using cannabis? And why? 

I started using cannabis when I got out of the service. I knew it was something I was comfortable with since I used it before I joined the military. I decided to start using cannabis again on my own. 

Did you ever use prescription medications to help ease PTSD, anxiety, depression, pain, etc.? If so, how does it differ from cannabis (from your own personal experience)? What were some of your experiences using prescription medications?

I was diagnosed with ADHD and depression and medicated for them. The buffer periods between starting the medication and balancing out were too harsh for me. 

How has cannabis helped you? 

Cannabis has helped me relax and not take things so seriously. It definitely helped with my depression, and now I started using CBD for my back! 

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about using cannabis? 

I would totally recommend trying out cannabis! It’s non-habit-forming, and it has no bad side effects! 

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