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CBD Topicals

4 Reasons To Use CBD Topicals

Want instant relief without having to take medication? Well, our VET CBD sports rub has the ability to do just that! In this blog, we’ll talk about the 4 reasons to use CBD topicals.

Post-Workout Soreness

If you’ve been pumping some iron in the gym, then you know about post-workout soreness all too well. The thing with sore muscles is that we either can hardly walk the day after or experience extreme soreness. It can get to the point where you’re so sore; you might not want to get back in the gym the next day. 

By adding a CBD topical to both your pre and post-workout, you’ll help decrease your soreness altogether. So grab your CBD sports rub and get ready for a great workout! 

No Need To Ingest It

Some people don’t like taking CBD orally, whether it’s CBD gummies, oil, or vape. Maybe you don’t prefer smoking or don’t want to taste it – If this sounds like you, don’t worry, CBD topicals are perfect for you! 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a false positive drug test and still get the same relief you’re looking for. 

You Get To Relax

Do you ever have stressful days at work, and all you can think about is getting home to relax? Maybe you have an office job and your back and shoulders are killing you. Maybe you are on your feet all day and you’re looking for some instant relief. Whatever the case may be you don’t have to suffer through the pain, or go through it alone — try CBD topicals!

Uncomfortable Shoes

Whether you wear heels or combat boots, you’ve experienced some sort of foot discomfort. What do we have to blame for this? Uncomfortable shoes! Okay, ladies, we know… the heels are cute, and that’s why you continue to wear them, right? With our VET CBD topical, you’ll be ready to strut in your favorite heels at any time. 

If you’re in the military, we know how much walking for long periods of time, especially in your boots, can have a toll on your feet. That’s where our CBD rub can help! 


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