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How CBD Helped Mother and U.S. Navy Wife

Whether you’re a Veteran, gym rat, or stay-at-home mom, CBD helps everyone willing to give it a chance. This week we had the chance to talk to Jammie Hunt, a founder of Operation Tattooing Freedom, about how CBD and cannabis have helped her throughout her life. About 6 years ago, she and her husband founded Operation Tattooing Freedom, also known as OTF. She is also the Former COO of OTF, a current board member, U.S. Navy wife, and stay-at-home mom.

Why was OTF founded, and why do you love being a part of the organization?

My husband Lewis and I founded OTF after dealing with his personal PTSD and anxiety. We went on an impromptu vacation in order to reset, and my husband ended up getting tattooed by another Vet. They talked about their time in service and the struggles they had with civilian life. It was like watching a weight lift off his shoulders. After that, we found that he was able to talk to me more, and it gave us an opportunity to work together to overcome his day-to-day fight. His PTSD and anxiety weren’t gone, but we had found a better way to communicate and cope together because he had been able to open up with this other Vet that understood him. About 6 months later, OTF became our 3rd child. 

When did you start using cannabis? And why? 

I started using cannabis in my teens recreationally and continued on for many years. I actually stopped before I became a mom because I was afraid of the legal repercussions. I began using CBD about a year ago due to stomach issues and anxiety. 

Did someone recommend you use cannabis? If so, who and why?

I think I have always known about the benefits of cannabis. I’ve been a big supporter of legalization and enjoy reading articles about its new uses and benefits as we have been able to do more research. 

Did you ever use prescription medications to help ease PTSD, anxiety, depression, pain, etc.? If so, how does it differ from cannabis (from your own personal experience)? What were some of your experiences using prescription medications?

I currently take Prozac to fight some anxiety that I began having around the start of the pandemic. I can tell a difference in the long term, but I don’t think it helps when my anxiety is at its highest. Cannabis, on the other hand, gives a more immediate relief, and I can literally feel my anxiety melt away, my muscles relax, my mind calm, etc. I also don’t have any negative side effects like I get from medications. 

How has cannabis helped you? 

When my stomach issues were at their worst, it allowed me to eat without getting sick. When my anxiety is high, it helps me manage in that moment without having to wait for a medication to kick in. When I have pain, it dulls it. 

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about using cannabis? 

I understand the fear that comes with using cannabis. I denied myself for so long because I was afraid of the legal ramifications. Thankfully I believe we are living in a really progressive time for Cannabis. Our legal avenues are opening and so too are the medical implications. It could be a really amazing scientific time for medicine. I am especially excited to see what kind of progress we can make with PTSD as we explore the medical side of Cannabis. 

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