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Common Reasons Why CBD Isn't Working

Common Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working 

Have you recently started using CBD? If you have then, you’re probably expecting to see some instant results. However, like many other supplements, this isn’t the case – But don’t give up! Instead, learn about the common reasons why CBD isn’t working and how you can achieve the benefits you are looking for. 

The Dosage 

Often times if your CBD isn’t working, it’s because you’re not taking the proper dose. Don’t worry, this is a common mistake made with first-time CBD users. Many people think CBD is like other medication where you’re told how much to take and when to take it. However, with CBD, this isn’t the case. 

Everyone’s needs are different, and what works for one person might not always work for the other. For example, one person might only need 10mg of CBD daily, while others may need 300mg to experience the same effects. That’s why the dosing range for CBD is very broad. 

It’s also important to note that there aren’t any “standard guidelines” on how much CBD you should take. If you start at a lower dosage and don’t see your desired results, consider gradually increasing your dose. Making small changes will help you find what dosage is right for your body and health. 

Timing is Everything!

You have to give the CBD time to work. As we previously mentioned, CBD is not instant like prescription medications. Although it doesn’t work as fast, many people have stopped taking prescription medications and started using CBD for relief. 

If it’s only been a couple of days since you’ve been using CBD, we suggest you try it again. This time try using it consistently for 10 to 15 days – that way, you can determine if you should take a higher dosage and adjust from there. 

What Company The CBD Comes From

Before you start using CBD, you’ll find there are a lot of sellers. It’s essential to take the time to do your research and find a credible company. Who you buy CBD from also determines how effective your CBD will be – That is why you want to make sure to buy from a quality supplier. At VET CBD USA all of our product is organically grown, and lab tested for purity. When you’re ready to experience all the benefits CBD has to offer, give VET CBD USA a try! 


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