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6 Unusual Uses for CBD

6 Unusual Uses for CBD

By now, you’ve probably heard a little bit about CBD, at least the basics, right? Some people might even know all about the common benefits CBD has, but what about the unusual ones? You might be wondering what else could CBD help? 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the 6 unusual uses for CBD. 

Helps You Quit Smoking

Nicotine, the primary compound found in cigarettes, has various harmful risks. The good news is that CBD can be a great substitution if you are trying to quit smoking. Not only can CBD help you quit smoking, but it has also been shown to help people with drug addictions, such as opioids, cocaine, and heroin. 

Helps Treat Neurological Disorders

Although more research still needs to be conducted, CBD can help treat people with neurological disorders such as MS and epilepsy. It’s incredible to think that CBD may be able to help treat numerous health conditions. So if you or someone you know is battling either of these conditions, we recommend you give CBD a try!

Helps Cure Hangovers

Tired of having horrible hangovers after a night out? Well, did you know CBD can help cure your hangover? That’s right! You can either take some of our CBD oil to get rid of your headache or use our CBD Sports Rub and massage your temples with it. Poof! Hangover? Gone just like that. Try it and thank us later! 

Avoids Cramping After Exercising

Do you get cramps after a hard workout? Well, not anymore! Our CBD Sports Rub has done wonders for many of our customers after hitting the gym. 

Cramping is annoying, painful, and also slows down your recovery time. This can make it difficult for you to keep a proper workout routine. With our CBD sports rub, you’ll be ready to hit the gym the next day without any cramping or soreness! 

Manages Anxiety in Dogs

Not only can CBD help relieve your anxiety, but it can also help alleviate your dog’s anxiety too! Many dogs get anxiety during thunderstorms, firework displays, or even when you leave them alone for an extended period of time — CBD has been proven to put many of our clients’ dogs at ease. 

Relieves Foot Soreness 

Those of you who wear high heels, combat boots, or are athletes, know firsthand how much of a pain foot soreness can be. CBD topicals such as our VET CBD USA Sports Rub can work wonders when it comes to foot swelling and soreness. If either of these applies to you, you may want to stock up on some CBD products

We hope this helped inform you of the 6 unusual uses for CBD you probably didn’t know about. If you are interested in our CBD products or have any questions, please reach out to us — We’re happy to help!

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